Email & You

Major Internet Service Providers are generally terrible at managing email. Comcast, Spectrum, Frontier, etc..

Why? It is a necessary evil-they have to offer it, but it is a big pain to administer. Loaded with SPAM, phishing attacks, user problems.

If they change name, etc., you've got problems-huge problems. The poor Verizon subscribers switched to Yahoo when Verizon sold out to Frontier filled thousands of pages on help blogs!

There used to be many good free alternatives: AOL, Yahoo, etc.. AOL and Yahoo are now Verizon. More about them on another page.

The choices now are fewer, but they are good: (Hotmail), GMAIL, and Mac (me, iCloud), all offered by the major players, Microsoft, Google and Apple. They do email right.

Apple has a great feature for its users, making it possible to send huge attachments by email that I have used to send 150 megabyte files by taking advantage of iCloud storage.


"THOU SHALT NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK IN AN EMAIL!" This is particularly true now that malicious code can be hidden in an image.