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About Me

I am a retired Information Technologist who was responsible for a staff of 12 project managers and Web developers. We oversaw at our peak a $46 million annual budget for the development and maintenance of financial systems and software for a major federal agency. There were 126 distinct software products that we either developed, enhanced, or maintained. My former group was recently in large part dedicated to bringing in a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environment under the "New Financial Environment" project now that Common Off The Shelf (COTS) ERP packages have caught up with most of our needs and include many of the features and benefits of our custom applications developed in house.

My former staff's most notable software products are a paperless travel system released on November 17th, 1999, and a new web based program to tax banks. We also brought in a new web-centric Portfolio Management package to manage our $45 billion in financial assets, a paperless Employee Supplemental Payments System, and developed an automated payroll auditing process so thorough and effective that it instantly found a $17 error in a $26,000,000 payroll. Since our payroll is processed by another agency in a decentralized environment, this ability to match input to output and identify variances is the strongest audit and control tool that we use. It permitted us to identify and stop or retrieve inappropriate disbursements.

The travel management program handles travel approval and expense reports on line and results in payment in 2 - 3 business days via Electronic Funds Transfer. It utilizes ENTRUST digital signatures and PKI, SQL Server, Microsoft Transaction Server, Microsoft Message Queue, and Outlook/Exchange Server.

In addition, my web associates developed or maintained between 100 - 200 pages of content monthly.

My experience with e-Commerce antedates the web. For example, in the early 80's, I worked with K-Mart and Service Merchandise to interface our systems, cutting out paper transactions between us.

Another key task was to convert where feasible to paperless record keeping. Because the Archivist General requires federal agencies to retain documents for at least ten years, we were drowning in paper. Accordingly, countless records were converted to electronic media.

I am at present helping non profits with technology issues.


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