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American Idol II - Miami Beach - 2002

On November 25th, 2002, we headed immediately after school for Miami Beach, arriving around 7:00 PM, and our stepdaughter was formally recognized as contestant 594 in line. The producers insisted that the groups stay in line overnight, which we did, dozing fitfully in lawn chairs amidst about 4,200 others (2,100 contestants and a guardian, parent or friend). Everyone woke up around 4:00 AM on Saturday to get cleaned up. The line started moving at 8:30 AM, and our teenager competed at about 6:00 PM.

The first 665 contestants were auditioned on Saturday, the second group of 665 on Sunday, and the balance of the 2,100 on Monday. Some contestants had arrived as early as late Tuesday afternoon.

A classmate of our teenager's arrived too late to audition, thanks to a broken water pump in his father's car.

We were needed, because she was then under 18, and needed a parent or guardian to accompany her throughout the audition process.

Tired, but numbered

Number 594

There's the number

Our neighbors

Organized chaos

Beginnning of the line, arrived Wednesday

Groups arrived after 7 PM Saturday, will be day 2 or 3

Channel Seven sets up near the beach

Saturday morning at 8:30, march to the auditions

Holding pen for auditions, 665 at a time

Our soloist and her aunt wait

Holding pen guarded by Miami Beach policewoman




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