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Christmas Visit 2002

We spent Christmas 2002 with our nephew at his then new apartment in Pennsylvania, visited our old home sites in New Jersey, etc., and made a pilgrimage to our departed family members' graves. We were split up for Christmas Day by a major snowstorm and had to spend the day apart.

My in-laws former home, unchanged from when my father-in-law and I had painted it red

Another view

A family shot taken here: Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, Us.

We hung up Matthew's college diploma at his new apartment

Fluke and Diana


More Fluke

Sad marker

Closer view of marker

Us at the cemetery

The family graves

Fluke on his daddy's grave

The younger generation at their father's grave

Former site of the Rahway Public Library, which holds many memories for us

The old library site from a distance

The old library site taken from across the street

Us together in PA

More us in PA

Still more us in PA

Milton Lake

Another view of Milton Lake

The ducks at Milton Lake

Dianas, Matthew and Fluke

Matt's big wall

Another shot of his big wall



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