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Fluke came to live with us after a family tragedy. He is a Schnoodle and is now about eight years old. You can click on the images to view them full sized. The cats slowly have come to tolerate him. Florida living seems to agree with him, as he has gained almost two pounds while living with us. However, Fluke developed diabetes about a year ago, possibly as a result of trauma. He is going blind as a result. He is coping well with his vision loss, and has contributed greatly to the lifestyles of three veterinarians, including a veterinary ophthalmologist. He is on a holistic diet, and is very cooperative about his twice a day insulin


Fluke getting into his chariot for a walk

Fluke getting into his chariot for a walk

Still another shot of our charioteer

Fluke getting impatient

Where is my horsey?


Fluke with his primary care group:


Kim with Fluke

Another of Kim with Fluke

Codfish, the Official Greeter and Host

Fluke with Pete and Doctor Lynn Duffy

Another of Fluke with Pete and Doctor Lynn Duffy


Fluke's 8th Birthday:


Fluke with his stepparents and human sister celebrating

Fluke in his human sister's arms while his cake is being cut




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