AOL, Yahoo and YOU

AOL was extremely difficult to work with when it was the dominant Internet service provider, trying to be the "Gatekeeper" of the Internet. It had extremely arbitrary means of dealing with emails originating from outside of AOL.

I ran into many problems with them when I was sending my fellow retirees email bulletins that they had requested. At that time, I was urging my fellows to drop AOL in favor of almost anyone else. AOL made my life and the life of virtually every electronic newsletter publisher very difficult!

Then, when it became a mainly advertising site, it was more friendly. Problem solved.
NO, it came back.

Now, it is a different story. In 2015 it was acquired by Verizon and became part of OATH, to which was added Yahoo in 2017. OATH is soon to be renamed Verizon Media Group.

As part of the selloff of landlines to Frontier in 2016, Verizon forced those wishing to keep their Verizon emails over to Yahoo/OATH.

Now OATH is acting like the “old” AOL, arbitrarily deciding which emails to accept. As in the bad old days of AOL’s hegemony, you should regard any emails that you receive as a pleasant surprise.

AND, OATH/Verizon Media Group may have a short life ahead. Verizon took a $4.6 billion write-off for it, almost 50% of what it paid for these assets. It also sold Flickr and Moviefone, two OATH subsidiaries.

The Flickr sale affected me greatly. I had 60 gigabytes of photos hosted by Flickr when I was notified that Flickr would only host 1,000 photos unless I paid $49.99/year for Flickr Pro. Since the deadline was short, I ended up canceling Flickr. Will the like happen to AOL & Yahoo Mail?????? Don't know, but I am testing alternative free "junk" mail options.

Get a GMAIL address. The service is infinitely better and it comes with a host of benefits, including 15 gigabytes of free cloud storage. And, a calendar, contact manager, etc., etc…